Account of the Tragic Shooting Incident that Claimed Six Police Officers' Lives in Bon-Repos

On Thursday, February 29, gunmen from criminal groups led by "Jeff gwo lwa" and "Chen mechan" launched a coordinated attack on the police substation in Bon-Repos. Six officers fell victim to the murderous gunfire of these gangs operating under the banner of the "Viv ansanm" coalition. Junior Marion, Pierre Luciana, Jean Baptiste Guilliamson, Pautrace Resula, Pierre Espera, and Monode Etienne perished in this attack. The latter, wounded by gunfire, was intercepted by the bandits on his way to a medical center before being killed. Let's revisit this tragedy that claimed six lives and left one injured.

Jonasson Odigène
Par Jonasson Odigène
13 Mar 2024 | Lecture : 4 min.
In the afternoon of Thursday, February 29, the Haitian capital and its surroundings were in turmoil. In Bon-Repos, a neighborhood in the commune of Croix-des-Bouquets, north of Port-au-Prince, the police substation had just fallen into the hands of the criminals. Shocking images of policemen gunned down by the bandits were widely circulated on social media. In a 20-second video, the corpse of a policeman is seen lying on a wheelbarrow, his uniform soaked in blood. In another 14-second video, the body of another policeman is seen lying on the

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