Caricom Envoys Fail to Achieve Haitian Consensus Yet Again

In the third mission of Caricom's Eminent Personalities to Haiti in recent months, the outcome has once again resulted in failure. After a week of meetings with various political actors and civil society, the Caricom delegation couldn't persuade them on the need to reach an agreement. Despite seven days of discussions, nothing has changed. The stakeholders failed to overcome their party interests to agree on how to steer the country out of the crisis.

Robenson Geffrard
Par Robenson Geffrard
14 Nov 2023 | Lecture : 4 min.

The political crisis persists despite Caricom's envoys' efforts to urge political actors to reach an agreement. Each party remained entrenched in its position, and the responsibility for the failure of this latest Caricom delegation attempt was placed on the opposing side. Whether it's the demand for the resignation of Prime Minister Ariel Henry or a counterproposal to expand and empower the High Transitional Council (HCT), the Caricom envoys left empty-handed, and the crisis remains without a solution. The Haitian Prime Minister


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