"No, we cannot redirect diaspora transfers," asserts Pierre-Marie Boisson

How to redirect diaspora transfers towards production? To this question discussed during the third episode of this year's series of "Les Grands rendez-vous économiques" broadcasted on Radio Télé Métropole and online, Pierre-Marie Boisson's response is: no.

Gérard Junior Jeanty
Par Gérard Junior Jeanty
16 Jan 2024 | Lecture : 2 min.

Regarding diaspora transfer recipients, economist Pierre-Marie Boisson explained that they are primarily consumers. He further stated that these individuals use the transfers to buy food, pay for transportation, rent, and their children's tuition. "Given this, it is not logical to tell the recipients what to do with their transfers. It is better to have a competitive food industry so that transfer beneficiaries can buy local products instead of imported ones," said the Sogebank board member.

In general, diaspora trans


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