Canal on the Massacre River: Much More Than a Canal

Pride, pride, sovereignty... these are the sentiments that drive the farmers of Ferrier who, on August 30, 2023, decided to dig a canal on the Massacre River, which divides Haiti and the Dominican Republic in Ouanaminthe in the Northeast. Since President Luis Abinader's decision to close his country's borders with Haiti, this has become a national, even international, cause.

Valéry Daudier
Par Valéry Daudier
26 Sep 2023 | Lecture : 5 min.

"We'd rather die in confrontations with the Dominicans than die of hunger," vows Rochenel Paulimus, one of the initiators of the canal construction on the Massacre River. Paulimus, a farmer and the coordinator of the Assembly of Communal Sections (ASEC) in the lower Maribaroux region of Ferrier commune, is deeply committed to the cause. This vast plain, covering 12,000 hectares, of which 3,000 are irrigable, has become the focal point of their efforts.

Since Dominican President Luis Abinader's controversial decisi


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