Massacre River: Ives Marie Chanel Urges Authorities to Initiate Discussions to Prevent Escalation

As the construction of a canal on the Haitian side of the Massacre River sparks anger from Dominican authorities, Haitian journalist residing in the Dominican Republic, Ives Marie Chanel, urges Haitian authorities to engage in discussions with their Dominican counterparts to prevent potential escalations.

Kervens Adam Paul
Par Kervens Adam Paul
13 Sep 2023 | Lecture : 2 min.

For several weeks, Haitian citizens have resumed the construction of a canal on the Massacre River, a project initiated during Jovenel Moïse's presidency. This initiative has elicited strong reactions from Dominican authorities, who are demanding nothing less than a complete halt to the canal's construction. For authorities in the neighboring territory, this endeavor constitutes a violation of the peace treaty signed between the two countries in 1929.

Speaking about this conflict on Radio Magik9, Haitian journalist Ive


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