Roseline Eloissaint Advocates for the Reopening of Camp Nous

Roseline Eloissaint, a native of Miragoâne and recent addition to the women's section of Racing Club de Strasbourg, who was a starter during the 0-2 defeat of the Grenadières against Denmark, was invited to share her views on Haiti's participation in the Oceanian World Cup. Using this opportunity, she advocated for the reopening of the Camp Nous Training Center.

Legupeterson Alexandre
Par Legupeterson Alexandre
02 Aug 2023 | Lecture : 2 min.

According to Roseline Eloissaint, the newly recruited player for the Strasbourg club, Haiti's performance in the World Cup was somewhat mixed, and she firmly believes that the team could have achieved better results.

"I am convinced that we could have performed much better in this World Cup. Unfortunately, luck was not on our side, and we were also a bit clumsy in front of the opposing goals," judged Roseline Eloissaint, who now dedicates her time as an advisor to the youth of her country.

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